Industrial Engineering required for Al Moasron Group

Industrial Engineering required for Al Moasron Group

Al Moasron Group is looking to hire “Fleet Purchasing Officer”

Key Responsibilities:

• Vehicle Procurement:

Research and evaluate vehicle options, including makes, models, and specifications, to meet the organization’s needs.

Negotiate with suppliers, dealerships, and manufacturers to secure favorable pricing and terms.

Prepare and manage procurement contracts and agreements.

• Fleet Management:

Maintain an inventory of all fleet vehicles and equipment.

Oversee the allocation and assignment of vehicles to various departments or individuals.

Develop and implement vehicle replacement strategies to maintain a modern and efficient fleet.

• Cost Management:

Monitor and control fleet-related expenses, including fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

Analyze data to identify cost-saving opportunities and efficiencies in fleet operations.

Ensure compliance with budgetary constraints and financial goals.

• Maintenance and Repairs:

Coordinate regular maintenance and servicing of fleet vehicles.

Oversee repairs and warranty claims, ensuring minimal downtime.

Establish relationships with maintenance providers and negotiate service contracts.

• Asset Tracking:

Implement tracking and monitoring systems to keep records of vehicle usage, maintenance, and fuel consumption.

Analyze data to optimize vehicle utilization and identify underutilized assets.

• Vendor Relations:

Build and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, vendors, and service providers.

Evaluate supplier performance and negotiate contracts to ensure favorable terms and service quality.

• Reporting and Analysis:

Generate regular reports on fleet performance, expenses, and compliance.

Analyze data to provide insights and recommendations for improvement.

• Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management, or a related field (may vary by organization).

Proven experience in procurement fleet management or a related field.

Strong negotiation and vendor management skills.

Knowledge of automotive technology, safety standards, and environmental regulations.

Proficiency in fleet management software and tools.

Excellent organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Please share your resume at

with the subject line ” Fleet Purchasing Officer “

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